Bag Packing

Support your product with retail store baggers

A perfect promotional campaign supported by baggers

Bag packing promotions offers a perfect combination of incentive for retailers and promotionally effective promotion. Behind every open check-out, friendly retail store baggers offer the clients to pack in supermarkets. Additionally, a product sample is handed to the clients, which connects the advertised product directly with the positive experience. Being a self-evident part of the costumer service in many countries, bag packing in German superstores are an exception.

This shortage of service can be used for the benefit of you and your product: Friendly promoters, noticeable outfitted branded with your logo, providing the favour of packing in the customers’ goods. The bag packing promotion generates a likable relation between consumers and promoters. Possible are therefore the thankful acceptance e.g. of product samples, which are tested benevolently by the consumer at home. Promotion’s most excellent achievement.

To complete the superstore event, also a lottery could take place in the store. The customers have the possibility to ask for information about the product, and precious addresses, usable for mailing campaigns, are collected along the way.
Bag packing inspiring the consumers and offering the retailer an attractive incentive which will stay in mind for a long time and thus be a positive effect of this promotional event.