Shopper marketing agency Germany


Over 30 years of experience in sales and consumer promotions give us the opportunity to provide support in a competent spirit in the fierce competition at the POS.
We have the experience of dealing with different types of promotional activities such as road shows, trade fairs, in-store demos, sales representatives, sampling events, costumed characters or guerrilla marketing. And over the years we had the chance to become experts in many different industries while set various FMCG in the food- and non-food-sector, services as well as publishing products in scene. Feel free to challenge our expertise, we look forward to it.

Experiential marketing is not just event marketing, but a way to bring consumers into a striking contact with your product. During this striking contact with your products, consumers will experience the USP with all their senses; Field marketing is about interacting with consumers, which makes your brand more vital and perceptible. Field marketing gives customers the feel of a brand, which allows the brand to convey empathy and engagement. Resulting in increased sales and brand loyalty.
Whether it’s brand awareness or targeted sampling, with detailed analysis and planning, ST-PROMOTIONS offers an approach for experiential and field marketing campaigns that bring your brands alive. And our data and reporting system enables you to make decisions based on quantitative as well as qualitative information.

A wide range of dedicated and skilled staff at nine locations across Germany are happy to support you with your regional and nationwide promotional campaigns.


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