Customer loyalty through mystery shopping

Mystery shopping represents a research method in which market participants are surveyed directly at the POS. This is done by means of mystery shoppers who gather information on behalf of a brand, e.g. to obtain insights of the product presentation and customer service at retailers.

During mystery shopping visits, it is usually checked at the POS whether the specifications of the respective supplier regarding the presentation of goods are being fulfilled. Furthermore, mystery shopping can be used to carry out benchmarking by evaluating the range of services and products offered by competitors.

For the implementation of a mystery shopping campaign, a sample size and a time frame are determined in advance.

On the basis of predefined conversation situations, mystery shoppers verify the guidance, the entire sales situation or whether advertising materials are used as desired. Finally, the mystery shopper records the results of the visit in a previously developed report form. Usually, the mystery shopper is asked to give an assessment of the respective conditions after working through the questionnaires provided to him.

Mystery shopping is an extremely effective instrument for evaluating the performance of a brand in the fields of sales, customer advice and customer loyalty and serves to improve the brand’s retail situation.

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