Mobile Data Collection App

D.A.I.S. is specially developed for our sales team and can capture and process with all collected relevant information on time at the Point of Sale.

With D.A.I.S. our sales team is able to guarantee your space on the shelves. An overview of the positioning of your products at the POS is available with our data-handling system at the touch of a button.

D.A.I.S. provides the requested information at the right time and gives a quick and accurate overview at the macro as well as micro-level. Thus, our data collection tool in conjunction with an individually customized reporting gives you  information about all your products at any time, your own and those of competitors in each regional term, at any desired period. With D.A.I.S. you realize market opportunities earlier and you have a monitoring for all relevant parameters. With D.A.I.S. we help you to guide your budget efficiently and to reduce your costs.

Field Sales Staff