From the North Sea to the Alps

Roadshows are the ideal way to showcase your products at the point of sale and to be experienceable in all its facets. In contrast to e.g. classical poster advertisement, roadshows feature active sales promotions and direct value-added communication. Our experienced staff will place your product at a suitable place to reach the predefined target audience. For our customers roadshows enable product merchandising without any divergence loss.

In advance of our roadshows we develop an appealing way to present your products and organize the tour. We design the whole equipment for the roadshow as needed, from stand-up displays to contests. A roadshow brings your product to the customer – directly and geared to the target-group. Your product will convince potential customers of its value through pleasant face-to-face communication and leave a lasting impression.

Roadshows also help to overcome difficulties with product use. All of our employees are trained and well informed about the product details and thus are able to directly answer all customer questions that may come up during a roadshow campaign. In association with you we will develop the perfect product presentation. Just contact us and we will start to develop a suitable concept for you.


Case Studies

Federal Employment Agency

For the roadshow presentation at the job fair of the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) we installed a number of job fair business-lounges and located four promotion teams at altogether 82 locations. At those business-lounges our employees informed people that were interested in the new function about its advantages and conditions and were able to approach around 4.000 employers in this manner. The lounges were equipped with furniture and bars, so that the whole event could be experienced in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.



For Grundfos we organized a more practical rather than factual roadshow. The campaign accompanied the product launch for an automatic working lifting system for wastewater. In order to achieve the perfect product placement the customer wanted to approach the target audience right at the point-of-sale. Therefore ST-PROMOTIONS provided the whole equipment for a suitable presentation and invited craftsmen and installers, who whilst having a small breakfast were being informed about the product and all its functions. Furthermore this instruction was followed by a real life demonstration of how to use the product correctly to avoid all potential complication regarding product use.