Leafleting and sampling campaigns

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To reach the right target group without any loss we develop creative leafleting and sampling concepts which focus on our customer’s needs. The focus of these concepts is the measureable success. Thanks to many years of experience in strategic advice and successful realizations of promotional campaigns, we guarantee a high standard of quality. ST-PROMOTIONS creates local and nationwide product sampling campaigns that assures that brands are getting directly into the hands of the desired target group no matter where or at which event: spring, summer, autumn and winter, Easter, Christmas, mother’s day, championship, vacation, ski season, fairs, congresses, ANUGA, Oktoberfest…

We are skilled at delivering samples across multiple locations simultaneously. Just tell us who you want to approach and we will tell you where and how you will meet your target group best. Whether supermarkets, on-the-move,  train stations, offices  or music festivals, the range for innovative sampling places is almost unlimited. Our goal is to invent creative concepts that engage potential clients and drive them to buy.

HIgh quality of contact

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We perceive out-store promotions as the presence of your advertising medium at suitable out-of-home locations in your target group’s social environment. This reassures you an exact targeting, which cannot be achieved by above-the-line activities. Within out-store promotions we also focus on high-quality contacts, which place special emphasis on your products! Try it!



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Spare time is a commodity which is getting more and more precious in our society. According to that this time is used more and more intensively. Whether as a participant or as a spectator, whether with family or friends, whether indoor or outdoor, everyone wants to take part.

Meet your customers in a relaxed atmosphere! Whether open air bath or spa, fitness center, music festivals, ski-lifts, trade shows, athletics, football, beach volleyball, shopping events. Just tell us, who you want to meet, and we will tell you, how to reach them. The options are almost unlimited as well as the choice of suitable advertising material. You name the target group you are interested in and we will tell you where and how you will reach them effectively.


Cinema is a mass phenomenon. Whether horror, action, romance or comedy, the cinema offers something for every taste. With target group-related promotional campaigns we will reach the right target group.

Or do you want to reach a wider range of clients? No problem! With our promotional campaigns in the cinema foyer we reach every spectator, regardless of which film they want to see. The options are nearly unlimited, as well as the choice of suitable means of advertising. You tell us, in which target group you are interested in, and we tell you where and how you reach them

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Mobility and tourism

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We live in a mobile society.

More and more people are on the move, whether as commuters, on business trips or on holiday. Use the mobility of your target group for your product!

People on journeys are open to new ideas and have a positive attitude towards variety. Our promoters are at work for you and your product at railway stations and in local and long-distance trains, in underground and suburban trains, at ferry terminals and airports, at service areas and at many other locations.

Bar Promotions

Bar promotion

To reach different target groups for your product the methods might be different sometimes but there is a safe way to grab your consumer’s attention: Go to bars, pubs or restaurants and reach your customers at the spot.

Our promotional staff is dependable, responsible and active. Our skilled promoters are your brand ambassadors to communicate your advertising message in a personal and timely way. Our hostesses are creating an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience.
Our teams are well-trained, address your target group in a friendly way, hand out samples, do raffles and generate addresses, display folders, cards, etc. in top-locations. Make use of our expertise and experience in the range of bar promotion.

The relaxed atmosphere in pubs, clubs or coffee bars makes those to perfect spots to promote your brand with all its possibilities to see, feel, smell – experience it with all senses. Whether culinary art, lunch or home-style cooking or clubbing, night life or at a sports bar – we will meet your target group.