Necessary permissions for promotional activities in Germany

In order to carry out promotional activities in Germany or Austria, permissions are usually required.
ST-PROMOTIONS knows the different requirements for obtaining an authorisation.
In Germany, a permit is generally required if a public event is to be held, but an official permit is also required for a private event that could affect the public.
If the promotion takes place in-door, the promotion usually has to be approved by the manager or owner of the location.
There are a multitude of constellations, which can also differ depending on the municipality and federal state, in which a permission is required for a promotion.
The type of promotion also determines the time and effort required to obtain a permit.

For example, an event at which alcohol is to be served requires a permit under the law on public houses. If loud music is played at an event, a permit under detrimental impact of emissions on humans or the environment control law may be required. It should also be noted that a licence agreement with GEMA is required for the use of third-party music at a public event.

For street promotions, a special permit is required in accordance with road traffic law or, in the case of private properties, the owner’s permit.
If photographs are to be taken, it must be ensured that personal rights are respected.

We at ST-PROMOTIONS know the different contact persons and formalities in order to guarantee a legally impeccable execution of the planned promotional campaign.