Maximising your sales

Whether store checks or pack-in promotion, ST-PROMOTIONS offers its customers a full service in terms of local or nationwide retail shop support. Since more than 30 years, ST-PROMOTIONS uses its wealth of experience to meet its customers’ expectations. Working with a nationwide network of staff, we are able to handle numerous shop visits in a short time frame. Warehouses and staff throughout Germany ensure the success of every promotional campaign.

  • Our sales representatives provide valuable, real-time information about the state of your products at the POS.
  • An external sales force saves time, costs and effort.
  • With an average of 50,000 sales visits per year, ST-PROMOTIONS has experience and expertise in the field of local and nationwide retail operations.
  • To increase visibility at the POS and boost sales of your product, ST-PROMOTIONS helps you to optimise the placement of your products using predefined criteria.
  • Are your brands properly presented? Are the shelves filled so that your brands have maximum visibility and availability? Is the right promotion in place?

The engagement of our field sales force allows a direct and unbiased instant snapshot of the availability, pricing, POS placement and supply inventory, as well as of current competitor sales promotions. If set targets are not met, an immediate correction is made after consultation.

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