Field Sales Staff

Maximising Your Sales

    • Our field sales staff gives valuable up to date information about the status of your products at the P.O.S.
    • An external field service saves time, cost and effort. With an average of 50,000 sales visits per year, ST-PROMOTIONS has the right level of experience and routine for the optimal support of your product.
    • To increase the visibility at P.O.S. and increase the sales of your product ST-PROMOTIONS optimizes the placement of your products on pre-established criteria at the point of purchase.
    • Are your brands being displayed correctly? Are shelves being replenished to give your brands maximum visibility and availability?Is the correct promotion in place?
    • Such a visit could for example be performed as follows:

On arrival at the store our field sales representative records a snapshot of availability, facings, pricing, POS placement, promotions in place, supply issues.
After that the field sales representative will take a corrective action to ensure that by the time he is leaving the store your product is fully placed at the correct place and make sure that any relevant promotions have been successfully implemented.
With our field sales staff we can also provide you with a feedback about what your competitors are up to.