Bar Promotions




A great way to create targeted buzz

To reach different target groups for your product the methods might be different sometimes. But there is a safe way to grab your consumer’s attention: Go to bars, pubs or restaurants and reach your customers at the spot.

Our promotional staff is dependable, responsible and attractive. Our skilled promoters are your brand ambassadors to communicate your advertising message in a personal and timely way. Our hostesses are creating an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience.
Our teams are well-trained, address your target group in a friendly way, hand out samples, do raffles and generate addresses, display folders, cards, etc. in top-locations.
 Make use of our expertise and experience in the range of bar promotion.

The relaxed atmosphere in pubs, clubs or coffee bars makes those to perfect spots to promote your brand with all its possibilities to see, feel, smell – experience it with all senses. Whether culinary art, lunch or home-style cooking or clubbing, night life or at a sports bar – we will meet your target group.