Leafleting and sampling campaigns

In a direct dialogue with your target group

To reach your target group without any loss we develop creative leafleting and sampling concepts which focus on our customer’s needs. The focus of these concepts is the measureable success. Thanks to many years of experience in strategic advice and successful realizations of promotional campaigns, we guarantee a high standard of quality. ST-PROMOTIONS creates local and nationwide product sampling campaigns that assures that brands get directly into the hands of the desired target group no matter where or to which event: spring, summer, autumn and winter, Easter, Christmas, mother’s day, championship, vacation, ski season, fairs, congresses, CeBIT, Oktoberfest…

We are skilled at delivering samples across multiple locations simultaneously. Just tell us who you want to reach and we will tell you where and how you will meet your target group. Whether supermarkets,on-the-move,  train stations, offices  or music festivals, the range for innovative sampling places is almost unlimited. Our goal is to invent creative concepts that engage potential clients and drive them to buy.

With our experiential marketing campaigns we encourage consumers to switch brands or trying something new.
Our clients choose our agency because they are convinced that our knowledge and insight will get them the best results. With our promotional staff and our supervisors they can be sure that we are fully in control of their delivery.

Field Marketing Examples

Sampling Promotion in front of concert halls

The princess of pop Britney Spears develops and markets her cosmetic line together with Elizabeth Arden Inc. To promote her new perfume “Fantasy” our agency organised sampling campaigns on four concerts of the boy bands “Backstreet Boys” and “New Kids on the Block” in Germany. In Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig and Stuttgart our promoters distributed perfume samples in front of the concert halls.

leafleting germany 1
Leafleting at concert halls

Hand To Hand Leaflet Distribution in Public Transportation

We live in an increasingly mobile society. More and more people are on the move more often, whether as a commuter, being out on business or on holiday. Our hand to hand leaflet distribution uses promotional staffing to distribute leaflets directly into the hands of your target audience.With us you will gain advantage over your competitors by using this mobility! Travellers are more open for new things and alternations. Our promotional staff will be present at train stations, in trains, at piers and airports, at roadhouses and routes during rush-hour or wherever you wish.

Leafleting at main stations