Purchase decision analysis


Non-consumers – Your growth potential

Combine the methods of the questioning and observation to discover the exact influences of purchase decisions from your customer to optimise your companys efforts in marketing and distribution. The more information about e.g. geographical, social statistical and marketing specific differences is given, the better your advertising can be addressed to the target market. The message of your product will be perceived quickly without permanent increasing advertising expenses. There are lots of analyses about the readers behaviour towards the ways in which newspapers or magazines are read, whereas marginal analyses exist concerning the behaviour of the potential customers and the decisive influences for purchasing the object.

These decisive influences fade quickly, so that it becomes necessary to combine the informing methods of interrogation and observation to perform a purchase decision analysis. This means, that the customers purchase decisions are directly followed by an interview at the POS regarding the influences of placement, headlines or lead article. This analysis, connecting market research and advertising, aims at aligning prospective promotional action with the requirements of the target market.

ST-PROMOTIONS offers a full service including the questionnaire’s conception, taking the representative sample by processing the interviews, and the detailed report, whose result would be an acting advice.