Seasonal Campaigns

In the right place at the right time

Every season has its own highlights and places, where you meet your customers in an open and relaxed atmosphere.

Does your target group go to the swimming pool? Do they love cinema? Do they get excited weeks ahead of time about the upcoming fjord hike or the rapid downhill ride with following hut magic? Or can’t they wait unless it’s called „O‘ zapft is!“ during the Oktoberfest? Whether open-air swimming pools or cinemas, ski elevators or ferry terminals, beer gardens, music festivals or any other event between Hamburg and Munich. Tell us, who you want to meet, and we’ll tell you, where you can find your target group. Seasonal campaigns do highly profit from the special character of the promotion’s location. People are in a good mood, relaxed and open. Request your quote here, so your product is always in season.


Promotional staff on the beach