The way people communicate with each other through the media has fundamentally changed in recent years. Influenced by the overwhelming success and corresponding exponential growth rates in the use of social media and mobile internet use, naturally opportunities arise that we also use in our promotional campaign.

SoLoMo (social – local – mobile) describes the magic triangle of personal and interactive communication. This also offers innovative options for the development of field marketing campaigns.

This means that a well-thought-out communication strategy must therefore also include the social aspect. That could mean that customers evaluate their purchases by sharing their experiences with the brand on Twitter, Facebook or other social media channels.

The modern consumer is constantly connected to his mobile devices. This change in online behaviour has also dramatically changed shopping habits. With our promotional activities, we ensure that the greatest possible awareness can be achieved in the relevant target groups, taking into account this change in behaviour, and we do this both at retail and at live events.

In order to realise of our clients’ goals, we use social media as multipliers in our communication concepts.

We use social media integration to directly address consumers, shoppers and visitors of events to generate long-lasting and sustainable benefits.

To approach different target groups, ST-PROMOTIONS has developed several formats and mechanisms.

We offer our clients the distribution of flyers with QR response codes or special links, the integration of geocaching, the elaboration of “making-of” or “behind-the-scenes” that are transmitted to social media, the creation of live actions on Facebook and Instagram, the use of Bitmoji for raffles and the use of special hashtags for B2B or B2C events and campaigns.

The need of consumers to receive relevant information at the local level may thus be met by targeted offers.

With marketing campaigns that take the SoLoMo approach into account, we offer tailor-made solutions that fit an interactive experience.

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