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At promotional campaigns an intensive relationship between the brand and the consumer is established through a direct approach. Classical mass marketing, on the other hand, is characterized by a wide spread and indirect communication.

A mass product usually has very little direct contact with its customers, since the product is offered in various retail stores alongside those of its competitors. Communication must remain impersonal because of the nonspecific target group. The success of mass marketing is based on the assumption that if there are enough potential customers, many will also be interested in the product.

With our promotional activities we establish a personal relationship with the customer by purchasing or testing the product directly on the spot. This marketing form is currently experiencing enormous growth, as large marketers want to avoid the high wastage of mass marketers and also to pay more attention to their customers.

An optimal connection between promotional activities and the mass media is offered by the interlinking of sales promotions and social networks. The customers addressed in the sales promotions are multipliers. The personal contact is thus virally multiplied.

ST-PROMOTIONS has developed various target group specific forms and mechanisms for its customers.

We offer our customers flyer sampling with QR codes or special links, the integration of geocaching, „making ofs“ or „behind-the-scenes“, which are transported to the social media, Facebook and Instagram live campaigns, bitmojis for raffles and special hashtags for the events and B2B or B2C campaigns of our customers.

Here, too, we offer you the tailor made solution that fits to your promotional campaign.

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