ST-PROMOTIONS is represented in Berlin and all over Germany, from where all promotional activities are performed and organised.

Street marketing at the Berlin Television Tower

“Turmi”, the new mascot of TV Tower was welcomed by a completely successful street marketing campaign at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Turmi was like its big brother already visible from afar and was happy to take photos with all children and adults. As part of this campaign our event staff distributed giveaways like, tattoos, stickers, ….. read more

Forerunner of the spring from “Cora”

The first feeling of spring was brought to retailers across Germany by the publisher of novels, Cora. Our promotional staffing distributed small spring flowers to the news agents and by that comped a little bit of spring to them. To put this campaign into reality was a great pleasure for our promotional staffing since they ….. read more

German promotional agency distributed seat covers for bikes

Our brand ambassadors distributed seat covers for bikes for the Ueberreuter Verlag in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Vienna. With this promotional campaign we supported the new publication “Zurück zur Mobilität” of the Ueberreuter Verlag. Ueberreuter Verlag The Ueberreuter Verlag founded by Carl Ueberreuter 1946 in Vienna/Austria, has now grown to Ueberreuter Publishing Group and is ….. read more