DECATHLON Street Teams in Hamburg

“Experiencing sports together and allowing as many people as possible to enjoy doing sports!”

True to the motto of the French Sporting goods manufacturer DECATHLON a “sporty” promotional campaign took place in Hamburg on September 24. The main reason for the promotion being, the opening of a new branch store in the city of Hamburg.

The company DECATHLON was founded in 1976. It has been selling sports equipment as well as clothing for all types of sports ever since. Currently the company’s product range includes over 70 different sports segments. Furthermore the unique price/ performance ratio allows people to purchase high-quality sports equipment regardless their financial standing. This of course, makes the brands products even more appealing to potential customers.

In order to advertise the opening of the new DECATHLON store in Hamburg a promotional campaign was realized on the 24th of September. This promotional campaign not only included the distribution of brochures but also the performance of several sporting activities. The Hamburg based field marketing agency ST-PROMOTIONS, was responsible for the development of this campaign.

During the campaign one could spot numerous motivated promotional staff members playing soccer, running, biking etc. all over Hamburg. The campaign received mostly positive feedback and passers-by as well as the promotional staff itself were thrilled.


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