Marketing the Rails: AKN’s Historic and Modern Trains Take Center Stage at Geesthacht’s 100-Year Celebration

To celebrate the city festival “100 Years of Geesthacht,” we had the opportunity to support AKN, the regional railway company of Schleswig-Holstein, with our promoters.

Under the motto “1 Route – 2 Days – 3 Trains,” AKN provided information on the planned reactivation of the Geesthacht – Bergedorf railway line.

Highlights included rides on the steam locomotive “Karoline,” which, alongside the AKN Lint 54 and an electrically powered battery train, the Akku FLIRT, not only informed about the various possibilities for the reactivation of the route but also created a historical understanding of the railway connection. Festival visitors could relive the past as passengers, while residents got an impression of the low-emission transport options that technical advancements in battery trains make possible.

For the younger visitors, there were small gifts, coloring books, and gummy bears, ensuring there was never a dull moment.

Despite typical North German weather, our well-prepared promoters – well-equipped with delicious and healthy ginger shots – were always available for AKN’s customers. Dressed in stylish AKN work attire, they served as on-site contacts. Customer questions were either answered directly or personally referred to AKN.

The city festival was a complete success. Our promoters also had a lot of fun with the event, especially enjoying the personal contact with customers and the positive feedback from visitors.

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