An informative campaign leading to the end of cash sales on buses

Hamburger Hochbahn AG executed a promotional campaign in anticipation of discontinuing cash sales on Hamburg buses, which have enjoyed widespread popularity for an extended period, starting from January 1, 2024. In the interim, there has been a noticeable shift within the hvv towards cashless payments on buses, propelled by the introduction of the Deutschlandticket.
Over a two-week period, our promotional staff were deployed to inform the passengers of the impending change. The primary objective of this campaign was to enhance customers’ awareness of alternative payment options and simultaneously cultivate a positive image. Promotional staff were stationed at numerous stops and on buses to address questions about alternative payment methods and provide valuable information. The distribution of small gifts also contributed to creating a positive atmosphere.
Although discontinuing cash sales on Hamburg buses may pose a challenge for some, the hvv offers its passengers a variety of alternative payment options. Furthermore, cashless payment aids in ensuring that buses depart from stops more punctually, facilitating faster travel for everyone to reach their destinations.
ST-PROMOTIONS expresses the hope that this transition marks just the beginning of a nationwide shift towards cashless payments in public transport sector.

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  • By: Akshay Goyal