REWE Active City Day and Women’s Run

Last weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the REWE Active City Day and the Women’s Run – an event that is particularly close to my heart. Along with our team from ST-PROMOTIONS, I also took part in the run to support the good cause. It is always nice to see how one can collectively make a statement through such actions.

In parallel with the run, our promoters assisted the participants and visitors of the event with various games. The triathlon station and goal wall shooting, organized by REWE, were especially popular. These activities provided a lot of fun and variety and contributed to the cheerful atmosphere.

A definite highlight, as always, was our promoter in the REWE Appi costume, who provided entertainment on site. It was wonderful to see how much the participants, especially the children, enjoyed and enthusiastically interacted with Appi.

The weekend was marked by happy faces and positive energy that was palpable everywhere. Such events show how much joy and sense of community can arise when people come together for a good cause. I am already looking forward to the next event and being part of such an inspiring action again.

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