Ajinomoto’s Gyoza Tastings: A Chinese New Year Celebration

In a culinary spectacle that swept through Asian supermarkets across Germany, we recently partnered with Ajinomoto to bring the essence of Chinese New Year to life. Our promoters skillfully showcased the traditional frying and steaming techniques of Ajinomoto’s renowned gyozas, creating a sensory experience that resonated with shoppers. The aroma of sizzling gyozas, coupled with the vibrant atmosphere, transformed supermarket aisles into celebratory hubs, encapsulating the spirit of the festivities.
Ajinomoto’s commitment to authentic flavor and quality shone through as each gyoza, prepared on the spot, became a miniature masterpiece. Our promoters not only engaged taste buds but also embraced the cultural significance of the Chinese New Year, turning a simple shopping trip into a memorable celebration.

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