Bongo chooses ST-PROMOTIONS as German promotional agency

“What does Bongo know about you?” is now available in Germany. Promotional staff of ST-PROMOTIONS, a nationwide promotional agency, distributed slap bands to a young, interested target group. Whether in the capital or in the region of North rein Westphalia Bongo knew a lot about those who sent a message with first and last name and place of residence to the 44044 in Germany.

Bongo is a cheeky, funny, super-intelligent monkey who knows everything.

He was born in the rainforests of Borneo and was showing early signs of super-intelligence (he could say the alphabet backwards in no less than 100 different languages at the tender age of one month).

On a trip around the world he experienced more than any monkey has ever experienced. In Santa Monica / Los Angeles, he heard a voice from far away and jumped into the Pacific Ocean and swam to Sydney, Australia, to BondiBeach to be exact.

Up to today Bongo lives in a beachfront pad in BondiBeach from where he embarks on a journey to distant Germany. Provided with his intelligence and his mobile phone he can do here what he loves most, answer your questions.


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