Exhibition and trade show staff in Augsburg/Germany

Once again the blue beaver of the BBBank was on the road and this time he visited the Augsburg real estate fair in Bavaria. This costumed character came with our trade fair staff and a whole lot of little cuddly beaver toys. The visitors of this exhibition were invited to take part in a competition by guessing how many of the little beaver toys the costumed character had in his pockets.

The visitors were attracted by this experiential marketing activity and with that we connected potential customers by a sensory way to the brand of the BBBank.

The BBBank

The BBBank is the only nationwide represented institute of cooperative banks. The BBBank as one of the strongest members of cooperative banks in Europe is built on two pillars: a network of 104 branches in ten federal states and the continuous development of direct sales channels with internet banking and broking as well as telephone banking.


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