Promotional staff at the “Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival” in Germany

The magazine Landlust offers its’ readers an explicit insight into the best aspects of country life and delights with naturalness as well as high authenticity. It is therefore not surprising that this magazine has managed to win over a broad base of readers, since its launch in 2005. With a total of over 3 million readers and a circulation of over 900.000 copies, Landlust has become one of the 20 most successful magazines throughout Germany.

The Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (SHMF) has an annual audience of 130.000 people, 20.000 of which visit the music festivals in the countryside. Set in beautiful countryside, surrounded by green parks and small lakes on the picturesque estates, in barns and stables; visitors have the chance to listen to wonderful music and enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time. Therefore the SHMF seems to be the perfect location regarding the magazines promotional campaign. In order to promote Landlust at the music festival, the visitors were approached and asked to participate in a raffle. The promotional staff also handed out several free copies of the magazine to interested visitors, as they passed by.


Promotional staff at the SMHF

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