Gluten – free bread fresh from the oven


In order to introduce the taste of Genius Foods products to German customers, the promotion agency ST-PROMOTIONS developed a promotional tasting campaign precisely aligned for the German consumer market.
While Genius Foods has already won over the British market with its products and has by now established its role as biggest distributor of gluten-free food in the UK, the German market has yet to be conquered. For this challenging task Genius Foods decided to join forces with ST-PROMOTIONS, a German promotion agency with a great amount of experience and knowledge in sales promotion and advertising.
During a nationwide tasting campaign the German consumers will be introduced to the taste of gluten-free food alternatives. In selectively chosen supermarkets they will be offered gluten-free products such as muffins and bread to choose from. So far, the exceptional good and unique taste of these products has already made it quite easy for the promotional staff to advise customers on the qualities of an overall healthier and better lifestyle provided by conscious nutrition.


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