Promotional Campaign at Garden Show

The annual horticultural show presents a blooming trip highlight for all hobby gardeners and nature lovers in Germany. This year the event is taking place in Holstein Switzerland, providing the perfect surrounding for promotional campaigns – especially when the region itself wants to be promoted.

This is probably exactly what the administration union of the “Tourism Centre Holstein Switzerland” must have thought when they looked up the field promotion agency St-promotions and started asking about promotional possibilities at the event. True to the motto of the horticultural show “Be one with the nature”, Holstein Switzerland shows off with its regional touristic attractions and beautiful scenic places on site.

In cooperation with the field promotion agency St-Promotions the Holstein Switzerland administration union set up a promotional campaign in order to inform the visitors of the garden show properly about the region. From Tuesdays to Thursdays as well as on Saturdays and Sundays, two promotional staff members are working on site, distributing flyers and regional souvenirs to interested visitors. In the framework of this campaign visitors are encouraged to experience activities such as canoeing, hiking, etc. and are presented with the perfect spots and places to do so in Holstein Switzerland.

The campaign seems to not only delight the visitors – but the promotional staff as well, seeing how enthusiastic and motivated they appear during work!


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