Field marketing agency for sampling campaigns

Product sampling is probably one of the most effective forms of marketing – when done correctly -and therefore its efficiency should never be underestimated. This marketing strategy is especially effective for introducing new products but also serves the purpose of boosting sales of already established products or services.
With promotional marketing activities such as product sampling a small amount of a certain product, is given away for free in order to offer potential customers the opportunity to test these products before purchase. This way purchasing an unknown product feels less risky and is therefore more likely to be done. After all, one thing is certain: people want to feel like they are getting the best deal possible when buying any kind of item or service.
Also, promotional campaigns by means of targeted advertising and sales policy measures help making the product as well as the products benefits well known. As you can probably tell by now, offering free samples is a great marketing tactic.

When a potential client receives a sample of a certain product – whether new or established – for free, this client will in all probability feel very special which in the long run will help building a good relationship between the company selling the product and the customer himself. Another advantage of product sampling is, that the customers are given the chance to try and fall in love with a product they may never have tried, if they had to pay for it. Consequently, when they do enjoy the product, those customers will most likely be returning as paying customers the next time.
These kind of things happen all the time when doing product sampling campaigns. Especially when doing them correctly and in the appropriate context. Thus it is always a good idea to reach out for professional support regarding the planning and realization of a specific promotional activity.
Besides offering an extensive, specialist knowledge and years of experience, field marketing agencies such as ST-PROMOTIONS also provide their clients with well-trained promotional staff, guaranteeing a high degree of commercial success.



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