Bag packing – A win-win situation

ST-PROMOTIONS as an advisory promotion agency, creates various concepts to transport brand images and messages.
One of those concepts is bag packing.
We all know this hectic moment when we stand at the checkout and must find our purse, pay the goods, pack our bags or do everything at the same time – so stressful!
Our promotional staff (baggers) is lined up at the checkout and help the customers in supermarkets with the packing. This is the moment when bag packing becomes an emotional aspect.

Bag packing is a win-win situation for all stakeholders:

Besides the supermarket and the brand, also the customers profit of the promotional action. Apart from a successful advertising presence, the customers are less stressed at the checkout and can calm down a little while the baggers pack all the purchases into custom designed bags. The supermarket itself benefits from the clients satisfaction due to less waiting at the checkout.
While packing, there’s the ideal chance for our baggers to spread a brands message and inform the target group about products or a brand that should be promoted. The direct contact between bagger and shopper has an added value since the exchange of information and excellent customer service are connected.

On the whole, bag packing promotes a sustainable brand image.

Especially before holidays such as Christmas or Eastern, bag packing, as a part of field marketing, is the ideal way to promote and do good at the same time. Clients and visitors will definitely remember this promotion due to the mix of perfect performance and an emotional bond.


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