Knorr – Taste the world roadshow

For all travel lovers and cooking enthusiasts, all cosmopolitans and trendsetters, and all those who enjoy the authentic cuisine of distant countries at home, Knorr has launched the Indian Curry, Thai Curry, Mexican Enchiladas, Chicken Tuscany and Mushroom Risotto cooking pastes with which the dishes can easily be prepared and served in the domestic kitchen.

On behalf of C3 Creative Code and Content, our promoters went on the TukTuk tour through Germany. All major University cities were visited and free samples of the Knorr cooking paste Indian Curry were distributed to students and Millennials.

The TukTuks attracted great attention and the students and Millennials in Cologne, Bremen, Hamburg, Goettingen, Berlin, Leipzig, Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt participated in this promotional event.
Perhaps you have also seen us in one of these cities? Feel free to post your picture on Instagram using the hashtags #st_promotions und #schmeckdiewelt.


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