“Das Futterhaus” turns 30!

Finally the time has come! The big ‘DAS FUTTERHAUS’ anniversary party tour has started! In the first week of August, the starting shot for the grand jubilee, which we celebrate in nearly 300 markets over three months throughout Germany, fell.

ST-PROMOTIONS has developed a multifaceted concept in close partnership with the DAS FUTTERHAUS, in which new customers are addressed and regular customers are rewarded. On Wednesdays there are parallel promotional campaigns throughout the republic, where the yellow DAS FUTTERHAUS dog passes through the streets and distributes invitations as well as great polaroids to the passengers.

On the day of the events, a large balloon garland is created by our promoters and the entire Party equipment is built up in front of the Futterhaus stores. Customers have the chance to win a 50,00€ voucher or great items for their pets during a safe lottery game. Meanwhile a photo-action takes place in which not only children can put on funny animal masks. The photos are printed on spot and handed out to the customers as a great memento, so the customers have the opportunity to always have their “funny animal photos” with them.If you would like a pet, but want to safe the time, you can buy a running animal balloon in the DAS FUTTERHAUS at a special price and let our promoters fill it with helium.The big birthday party is still going on until the end of October, we are looking forward to the upcoming events and enjoy it a lot!




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