Edison – the magazine of the “Generation E”

The “Generation E” would probably not exist if Thomas Alva Edison had not existed. The American entrepreneur and inventor revolutionized power generation and electric light, and many other things that have a lasting impact on the industrialization of the world.
The “Generation E” are all those who are interested in electro mobility and want to stay abreast of developments in sustainable energy production and storage.
Edison has set itself the task of accompanying exactly this generation in its further development and to experience and explore together with them the end of the analogue age and the social changes.
Edison is available as a traditional print magazine and as an online edition. Also at various events you can experience Edison live and get to know each other.
The promotion agency ST-PROMOTIONS will accompany Edison and the “Generation E” on their way and make all prospective and potential readers the pleasure by distributing free copies during the pre-Christmas period.

We are looking forward to an exciting and successful cooperation!

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