Let the games begin! Warhammer Store Opening in Hamm

At the weekend, big mythical creatures in the town of Hamm called attention. Attracted by the strikingly dressed and realistic appearing cosplay acts, and kindly invited by our promoter to the opening of the store, passengers were interested to visit our Warhammer tent. At our promotional stand a shop staff explained to interested parties the game, its strategies and the different characters. In addition, there was the Stormcast Eternal or the Primaris Space Marine presented as a miniature figure, which could then be painted in the new store. There, visitors had the opportunity to gain first experiences in a demo game or admire elaborately painted figures.

For all those who missed the last appointment we will be celebrating the next shop opening in Osnabrück on March 10 2018 . Warhammer fans and tabletop players will have the chance to participate in the painting contest and demo game offered at that event.


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