Instore tastings in German supermarkets

If anyone in Germany hears the name HEKS’NKAAS® -what sounds for Germans like „witch cheese“ for the first time is probably wondering what kind of product, what kind of taste and, above all, what story is hidden behind the mysterious name. Our promotinal staff brought the answer closer to customers of some REWE stores during a regional tasting campaign.

The HEKS’NKAAS® recipe was invented on Halloween. So you can imagine that there was a touch of magic right from the start. A Dutch greengrocer came in a mysterious way to the still secret recipe. He entrusted it to the makers of HEKS’NKAAS® and Miss Magic® can now enchant us in Germany as well.

With our  in-store tastings, customers where able to taste the delicious dips with vegetables, crackers or bread and let themselves be enchanted by the unique taste and quickly put a few more dips in their shopping trolleys for the barbecue, the next brunch or for the nice movie night with friends. The networking of product promotion, the product experience and the associated sales promotion werks perfectly and without witchcraft.


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