This summer broke the next record again…

The summer of 2019 had it all. What could be better than a refreshing and delicious ice cream? As part of a tasting campaign in Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hanover, customers of KAUFLAND supermarkets were presented with the unique ice cream “OPPO”.

But who doesn’t know this situation? – The heart says yes, the head says no. But OPPO has a mission: Create irresistible temptations that you can’t resist but you don’t have to resist at all. The result: a range of delicious types of ice cream that contain very few calories and sugar.

As part of this POS promotion campaign, ST-PROMOTIONS was able to reach over 45,000 happy mouths in 40 Kaufland stores throughout Germany and convince them of the advantages of OPPO ice cream. This directly stimulated sales and  boosted also the brand awareness.

To say with the motto of OPPO: A truly #GoodTemptation

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