Who irons the fastest? GANT was looking for the Iron Man

Surely there are many good and fast ironers in Düsseldorf. But who is the fastest and dares to break the record? Our customer GANT asked this question as part of a regional POS promotional campaign in the trendy BREUNINGER shopping centre in Düsseldorf.

Our promotinal staff was equipped with a small booth on the GANT sales floor. Here the competion took place.  Every customer who broke the current record, was sent a free Gant shirt home. “Is my husband ironing faster than me?” were one of many reactions from the Breuninger customer, who were a little reticent at the beginning.

The campaign was a great experience for all participants of the competition and a good change from normal shopping days. All participants had a lot of fun with this shopper activation, which led to the fact that our promotional staff could motivate many customers to take part in the game.

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