Nationwide field service of the F.A.Z.


Finally it starts again! The FAZ dealers are once again contacted by the sales team of ST-PROMOTIONS most of whom have many years of experience in retailers support

As part of a nationwide POS campaign, more than 1,000 retailers are being visited to mark the 70th anniversary of the F.A.Z. During these visits, our sales team, pay attention to various aspects. Among other things, placements are checked and immediately entered in an online questionnaire developed by ST-PROMOTIONS in order to be able to evaluate them promptly.

The existing advertising material will also be checked if no more advertising material is available or is no longer in an acceptable condition, so after consultation with the retailers immediately exchanged or repositioned on site.

In the discussions with the retailers individual desires are seized among other things and suggestions are taken up and considered if possible for the further measures.

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