Tasting events in Berlin supermarkets

A delicious ice cream always belongs to the summer. But even here the choice is large and therefore the decision which ice cream ends up in the shopping trolley of a potential customer depends on many factors. Tastings offer a highly appreciated tool for decision-making. However, this marketing measure has been reduced to almost zero due to the measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. As in all areas of our fast-moving times, changes can already be observed in this area. Many stores and locations, in search of the new normality, have decided that tastings are part of the shopping experience and that they want to offer these opportunities to their customers again in order to support the buying process. Of course, the need to observe appropriate hygiene measures and thus infection prevention also plays an overriding role in the planning of campaigns. The integration of necessary hygiene requirements into an attractive tasting concept for consumers is – as recent examples clearly show – quite possible and supports the success of the campaigns significantly.

For our client Oppo Brothers we have carried out tastings as well as in-store activations in Berlin HIT markets in the last weeks. Through a targeted approach the customers of the HIT markets were given the opportunity to test the delicious low calorie ice cream without any risk. Our promotional stuff explained that they have a guarantee that they will like it when buying Oppo ice cream. According to the maxim “Love me or I’m free!”, customers were introduced to Oppo’s high-quality ice cream and many new fans were attracted. Furthermore, customers were introduced to the sensational taste of the low-calorie ice cream with tastings and this also led to many new friends joining the Oppo ice cream fan community. A complete success, because taste and product characteristics are harmonious and this was adequately presented by the tastings. A lasting experience for all ice cream fans, which is of course also expressed in increased sales figures.

If you also want to expand your fan community and set the scene for your sales arguments, please contact us – we will deliver the right concept and an impressive performance at the point of sale.

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