The new normal requires a rethink in marketing

The coronavirus has brought the world to a temporary stop. Countries closed their borders and citizens were put into quarantine. New standards for human proximity were set. Habitual procedures were abruptly and rapidly turned upside down.

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, it is having a significant impact on the global economy. The measures taken to fight the pandemic have caused an economic collapse that threatens the survival of many companies.

How the pandemic is changing marketing?

This crisis is also pushing marketing to change its position.
The central focus in post-pandemic marketing must be the customer and the orientation towards his needs.
This should be the first paradigm shift that companies have to consider. The challenge for the marketing is now to accompany this paradigm shift offensively in order to be able to communicate this flexibly and quickly.
Targeted customer segmentation is essential to quickly identify what customers need and to adapt communication accordingly.

More personal communication

Companies are made up of humans and this must be visible. Although digital marketing instruments continue to gain in importance, the future of marketing lies in face-to-face communication. This is another paradigm that has been changed by the pandemic. Suddenly, many people realised that face-to-face communication could not be replaced by video conferencing; even though voices on the phone were given faces by using video conferencing.
Therefore, the increasing use of this technology also showed that the direct and more immediate contact with persons is an indispensable factor.

The relationship with the customer must become stronger

In order to boost customer loyalty, it is essential to know the needs of its customers and to adapt its communication to their needs. It is important to perceive yourself as a partner of the customer and to take a consulting and customer-oriented position.
Since the average length of time that customers spend in the sales outlets has been significantly reduced, the transmission of relevant information must be much more active.
The use the work of shopper marketing experts who are focused on customer needs is more than ever necessary at present. Shopper marketing supports customers in finding the desired product faster and at the same time allows them to point out the advantages of the product.
Through shopper marketing, companies can build up credibility and trust for their brands and influence purchase decisions directly.
Shopper marketing is an important element of customer communication, especially in the retail sector, because by turning to the shopper, efficient communication can be created.

Shopper marketing: To understand the purchase decision and increase sales

Understanding the buying motive is something that generates competitive advantage. It is important for the industry and the retail sector to recognize and understand how individuals act at the time of purchase.
The shopper is the focus of decisions at the point of sale and should be the main target of any retail marketing activity.
The new shopper does not only want to buy products, but above all appreciates the guidance.

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