The return of customers to retail

Shopping mall

Retailers play a key role in creating a friendly and safe shopping experience towards the consumers.
This is particularly the case after the government-imposed closures. In order to make shopping enjoyable to consumers, shopper marketing will take a central role in attracting consumers back into stores.
Shopping must now become a leisure experience that takes into consideration both the social aspect and the entertainment aspect.
Special events, tastings and pop-up stores are just a few of the ways to rediscover products.
As the shopping journey now includes more and more digital touchpoints, consumers now expect companies to have an omnichannel presence.
The role and customer-perceived value of promotional staff will become more important, and the need for greater customer engagement in all aspects of the shopping journey will increase.

Based on the vaccination campaign already well underway in the U.S., it is worth looking across the big pond, where brick-and-mortar retailers are already enjoying the return of consumers, while e-commerce growth is slowing significantly.
Major U.S. retailers are launching big shopper marketing campaigns in the coming weeks and months to drive consumers back into stores.

Here, the pandemic-weary public is only too happy to shop in real stores again. Consumers prefer the personal touch and human interaction. Consumers want to try on, touch and browse. Experienced promotional agencies offer a great deal of help in planning and implementing shopper marketing campaigns that accompany consumers’ return to stationary retail outlets. We are happy to advise you to ensure a successful restart after the end of the restrictions.

Photo by Eduardo Davad on Pixabay

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