Triggering an impulse-buy with shopper marketing

When launching or relaunching a product, many manufacturers quickly learn about the barriers and the power of retail. To achieve a successful balance for both the manufacturer’s vision and the retailer’s expectations, ideally the approach of shopper marketing should be used.

Shopper marketing aims to implement strategies at the point of sale (POS) using proven technologies and performance indicators. To ensure an efficient implementation, to increase brand awareness at a market and to successfully stay in perception, shopper marketing is a very powerful tool.
The results of shopper marketing enable both manufacturers and retailers to realise their goals. The merchandising and promotion teams used in Shopper Marketing are another supporting measure in the marketing strategy oriented towards success.
Shopper marketing establishes direct contact between the supplier and the consumer. Nowadays, shopper marketing is mainly used for products such as food, beverages, health and beauty products, household goods, telecommunications and electronics. One of the main features of this marketing discipline is the clear communication of keywords to trigger an impulse-buy and subsequent increases in conversions.
Agencies that implement shopper marketing are expected to be able to plan activations, evaluate results in an objective way, coordinate promotions with suppliers, educate sales teams, develop effective promotional campaigns and produce reports with result and trend indicators.

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