Marketing and sales

Take influence on actions of your target group

We offer a wide range of promotional activities for marketing and sales. You have the choice between sampling campaigns, retail services and attractive advertising materials. With more than 30 years of experience ST- PROMOTIONS knows sociodemographic, seasonal and regional differences. This knowledge is being used to ensure that the chosen promotional activity reaches your target group in an optimised way.
Today, more and more people use the internet to keep themselves informed about the latest news and economic data, or even sports scores. Therefore it is time to get your products from the depths of the kiosk shelves and bring them to light. Through sensitisations of retailers you increase the attention for your product and enter into a dialogue with your customer. With our support of retailers, our bag packing promotions or our purchase decision analysis you reach your aim.

A nationwide network of supervisors and promotional staff enables to be successful in the shortest possible time. Even promotional campaigns with a small budget can show a great impact!

With ST- PROMOTIONS you will be seen.

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