SATO Pharmaceuticals awarded ST-PROMOTIONS for its nationwide promotional campaign

The japanese company SATO Pharmaceuticals choose the nationwide acting promotional staffing agency ST-PROMOTIONS for a nationwide tasting promotional campaign to promote the energy drink Yunker Energy & Health in Germany. These tastings will mainly take place in pharmacies all over Germany.

Yunker Energy & Health

Yunker Energy is the best-selling nutritional tonic in Japan for good reason: it is an effective blend of carefully selected herbal medicines, vitamins and other nutrients that help invigorate the body’s metabolism and increase blood flow. This provides busy people with the energy they need to keep going – at work; enjoying sports; and whenever fatigue is keeping them from doing their best.

SATO Pharmaceutical

Founded in 1915, Sato Pharmaceutical early on saw its main priority as serving customer health by providing OTC products in locations close to them – products that were also designed to very precisely fit with the real needs of the market. The company has continued to keep this focus over the years, creating an ongoing series of top products as the company has continued to grow and succeed.


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