WHERE’S THE SUMMER? – The Big WetterOnline Roadshow

WetterOnline is running a field marketing campaign in 14 cities all over Germany to fly the balloons.
Every stop is accompanied by promotional staff, who will fill up the balloons with helium and tie up the competition card to let the pedestrians fly their balloons.
The first prize is a trip to Dubai. Whoever finds a balloon with a raffle-card, can enter the code online to be the lucky one.
Right now it’s halftime, 7 cities have been visited and 7 more to go.
Besides the balloons there are some nice give-away’s. A rain-poncho when it comes to ,,Schiet Wetter’’ and yellow sunglasses to look as good as it gets.
Further details, pictures and videos can be found online on www.wetteronline.de, as well as facebook or Instagram.


WetterOnline is one of the biggest meteorological service provider in Germany.
With 6 million people visiting wetteronline.de per month it’s one of the most visited homepages in Germany.
WetterOnline has the largest product range on the German market when it comes to weather forecast.
WetterOnline addresses its extensive content to the general public as well as specialists.
Whether you’re using a computer, a smartphone or a tablet, all desired information’ can be received through the homepage www.wetter-online.de or the downloadable apps.
Whether the sun is shining, it’s raining or even snowing, WetterOnline displays the weather in real-time without any detours.


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