Coravin – “That’s magical!”

This will certainly sound familiar: At the end of the day you treat yourself to a glass of wine, put the bottle back in the refrigerator and just a few days later the wine has become inedible.

Coravin’s mission was to find a solution to this problem and developed a device that allows you to open the wine without removing the cork.

“How does that work?” You may wonder. The principle is both simple and clever: a special needle is inserted through the cork stopper and a special gas allows the pouring without allowing oxygen to enter the bottle. After pulling the needle out of the cork, no puncture hole remains due to the natural characteristic of the cork. The bottle is therefore practically unopened and allows wine lovers to store wines for any length of time and to enjoy them at any time.

Visitors at the KaDeWe in Berlin have the opportunity to see the Coravin presented live until Christmas and if desired try it out for themselves. Those who were convinced by the magic of the Coravin can buy it directly on site.

Certainly the perfect Christmas present for all wine lovers!

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