Sustainability in Field Marketing

Since consumers in Germany also make their purchasing decisions dependent on the behaviour of companies with regards to sustainability and social competence, the conscious use of sustainable equipment and advertising material is clearly of high importance in field marketing.

Sustainability is a topic that affects consumers and is thus handled with increased attention by many major brands.

Sustainable field marketing begins with the design and production of a flyer. Factors such as social responsibility and environmental protection must be taken into account when selecting the supplier.

In order to firmly establish sustainability in sales promotion, it is of great importance that the promotion agency commissioned with the implementation understands this process as an integral part of its own corporate culture and philosophy. Environmental protection, waste prevention and recycling should be a living culture. Only if this is the case can the promoters used meet the customers with the necessary conviction during promotional campaigns.

Only in this way can the promotional staff approach customers with the necessary commitment during promotional campaigns.

Customers are often prepared to pay a higher price for products and services that include the sustainability aspect. These buyers understand that they can also make a contribution to environmental protection with their purchase decision. Customers who can be convinced by the advertised product in this way usually also build up higher loyalty to the product.

Marketing and sustainability should therefore be combined. Sustainable marketing increases the image and value of the brand in the eyes of potential customers and competitors.

ST-PROMOTIONS stands for sustainable and intelligent solutions in the entire field marketing process. This means that we take sustainability aspects into account right from the planning stage and, as far as possible, use public transportation or carry the needed equipment with electric vehicles. We print the equipment with ecologically degradable inks and use recyclable materials for promotional stands.

By using renewable, natural materials in field marketing, we guarantee our customers a sustainable presence at the POS throughout Europe. Together with our clients, we create real sustainability, increase profitability and ensure that cost savings are achieved. We not only optimise your out-of-home campaigns, but also produce all campaign materials.

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