Costumed character at the triathlon in Roth/Bavaria

3.8 km swimming, 180 km biking and 42,195 km of running; those were the distances the participants of the Challenge Roth Triathlon had to cope with. The competition is the follow-up event of the Ironman Europe and now part of the World Challenge series. From the 17th to 21st of July the triathletes were challenged to demonstrate their skills.

Dressed up as mascot of the Forte Village, our staff approached the spectators and participants in order to raise attention.

The Forte Village

Forte Village is a hotel resort in Sardinia, which offers highest quality and excellent service. The customers have a wide selection of hotels, suites and villas. The resort offers a variety of leisure activities and entertainment. Besides trendy restaurants and bars, one can relax in various spas and wellness clubs. Also, Forte Village offers a wide range of sport facilities for every taste.

The Challenge Roth Triathlon

The route of the Challenge Roth Triathlon consists of 3.8 km swimming through the Main-Danube channel, a 180 km long cycling route that leads through the Calvary at Greding, the Solar Mountain and the Eckersmühlen to Roth as well as a 42,195 km running track along the Main-Danube Canal.

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