#KENKODOJO#healthy#drink#vegan: For a healhty balance on a stressful day

Your daily dose of vitality is now available in the flavours Green Juice and Brown Rice. With 100% natural and vegan ingredients and no sugar or aroma additives these KENKODOJO products can guarantee a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

In the end of February 2016 the promotion agency ST-Promotions realized a promotional campaign matching the slogan of the KENKODOJO products wellness & health, at selected wellness spas throughout Germany in order to introduce the products as well as the brand to the spa visitors.

The promotional campaign was performed by two consultants per spa location, both of them representing balance and harmony with their appearance, which are some of the basic KENKODOJO values. During the promotion the consultants friendly approached the spa visitors and offered them free samplebags – each one filled with drink samples of the flavours Green Juice and Brown Rice.

It was particularly important for the consultants to not only distribute as many samples as possible but rather provide the spa visitors with information on the long term benefits of the products when taken regularly. Furthermore the consultant’s tasks also included to sharpen the spa visitor’s awareness of their own well-being and encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle in order to communicate the main values of the brand KENKODJO.

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