Organic yoghurt sampling campaign in the mall

Tasty little snacking when shopping

When winter sales has just started and people were floating the AEZ in Hamburg, SÖBBEKE took the advantage to do a sampling activity.

SÖBBEKE is a dairy factory, based in North Rhine-Westphalia concentrating on organic dairy products. All of the products are certified with the European organic seal. Besides that, a vegan product range recently has been launched based on rice and coconut.

Packed with product samples of SÖBBEKE stracciatella cream yoghurt, biodegradable spoons and two refrigerators in the middle of the mall, our promotional staff distributed the samples to the people passing by. Many visitors of the mall were curious and asked by themselves to try the yoghurt. Luckily the yoghurts were so small, they could be eaten directly in-between shopping and hurrying from shop to shop. Our promotional staff of course took the advantage and informed about the brand and SÖBBEKES products.

So many visitors were surprised about the fact, that an organic yoghurt without any additional flavoring substances can taste that delicious. Of course some people wanted to buy the yoghurt right away and got it at the organic food retailer in the mall with a discount of 20 %.

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