Exploding Kittens – The new trend game from the USA!

Attention! Exploding cats!
The fun strategy game Exploding Kittens is about being the last player to survive. Cards are drawn alternately until someone pulls an exploding cat. The more cards you draw, the higher the risk of pulling the exploding kittens!

Players can defuse the Exploding Kitten card with special cards. Laser pointer or catmint-sandwiches cards and various special cards with which you can take a look at the deck of cards or putting down moves may increase the excitement and fun of the game.

In order to present the game “Exploding Kittens” to the target group in an appropriate setting, our promoters are in various bars and pubs throughout Germany, always on the lookout for potential players. Many have shown great interest in this trend game during the first promotional actions.

Let yourself be surprised! Maybe you, too, will meet our promotion team during your next pub visit.


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