Sampling for our four-legged friends

Finding the perfect food for your dog is often a difficult task. zooplus, one of the leading online retailers for pet food, also sells a large number of private labels in addition to the current dog food brands. For one of these brands, “Wolf of Wilderness”, we were on the street with our promotional staff and carried out a product sampling.

Wolf of Wilderness is dog food that is particularly natural and well tolerated by man’s best friend.  This is mainly due to the high proportion of fresh meat, the grain-free recipe and the refinement with forest berries, roots and wild herbs. This provides the dog with a balanced and species-appropriate diet that follows the instinct of the wolf. Besides samples for the four-legged friends, flyers and discount vouchers with coupon codes were distributed.

The target group directly addressed by this on street promotion showed great interest in this innovative product. A majority of the addressed group wanted to try out the zooplus offer by using the discount vouchers presented.

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