ST-PROMOTIONS realises nationwide tasting activities for MOWI

We are proud to support the Norwegian food company MOWI in the implementation of their tasting campaigns in food retail across Germany.

MOWI is one of the largest seafood companies in the world. Thanks to its high quality standards, MOWI has become the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon.

The MOWI range offers salmon in all types of varieties, hot or cold smoked, fillet or marinated.

100% fresh. Never frozen and very tasty. Plus, the omega-3 fatty acids contained in salmon help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and maintain a healthy immune system.

Needless to say, MOWI uses no antibiotics and no genetic engineering. MOWI’s farmed salmon is also ASC-certified. (The Aquaculture Steward Council, in short ASC, was founded by the WWF and is considered the most reliable in the world due to its particularly strict award criteria).

The focus of this promotional campaign is on directly communicating the product benefits by giving consumers the opportunity to taste the delicious salmon right in the supermarket.

Tasting, smelling, feeling: Components that can be ideally conveyed with this type of direct promotional approach.

As well as casting and briefing the promotional staff, ST-PROMOTIONS is also responsible for arranging and coordinating appointments with the grocery stores and for the distribution logistics of the advertising material that is used.

We are looking forward to working with MOWI and will certainly have a lot more to share about the successful promotional activities.

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